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Fashion Photography/apparel photography

Your products the way you want them.

Whether your a start up company or an existing one we have a solution for you, the trend of this type of photography is to have your product or model dressed in the subject that you want imaging, with a over exposed white background and the subject in perfect exposure, we offer this service and also offer black backgrounds and green chroma key background so the subject can be easily extracted from the image and placed into another picture/environment.

Keeping the costs down.

Fashion Photography is one of the most expensive out there and requires a lot of skill from the photographer to get the results you are looking for, quite often a graphics designer will be appointed alongside the photographer to speed up the process of editing the images that are captured.

We at EVE LBS Photography Ltd are experienced in graphic design and editing so the extra cost of employing a designer is not required.

We come to you.

We have a mobile studio and the majority of our clients that use the fashion/apparel photography service use this mobile studio to there advantage, we don’t charge extra for using the mobile studio and its benefits become apparent when you don’t use it and you are loading your car or van up before the shoot.

We can come to you this means that the goods we will be shooting are in your premises, so there is no wrinkling of clothing items, items are at less risk of been damaged in transit.


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