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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

We are specialist’s in commercial photography and our main sector is Product and Industrial photography even though we do have food photography clients.

The way we run our business is different from most professional photography companies, most companies have a business model of low clients high reward and we at EVE LBS Photography Ltd think that this is a flawed business model.

Our business model is to have a larger client base and lower rewards (product pricing), this mean that we are helping do not limit our client base to those that can not afford us but we are also new business friendly.

Our packages are a guideline and can be negotiated (dependent on requirements), but we pride ourselves on sticking to this model and keeping professional quality with a focus on our clients wants.

Most photography companies operate on there own creativity alone where as we work with our clients every step of the way to get the images that they really want and that is what makes us stand out from the crowed.

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